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Our Designer shares her love of Yoga especially during lockdown & shares a Gift from the Amazing Community at HUMMING PUPPY

"Meditation & Yoga has helped me Re-Energise, Relax & Fight the Lockdown Fatigue.  Earlier this year I had a full hip replacement &  needed to relearn to walk - my movement prior to surgery was so inhibited with pain due to severe Osteoarthritis which was bone on bone.  I struggled to do Yoga as I had known it in my 20s, unable to even do up my shoe laces at the end, but my beautiful friends at Humming Puppy never made me feel bad that I was awkward, I loved my time of Yoga with them in class and now online. 
Yoga helped my recovery & now continues to strengthen my core & my spirit through lockdown. I can not recommend it more highly.
So, we have a beautiful gift of 6 weeks of FREE online classes with Humming Puppy.  They have been so generous & kind to our community with this. Thank You HUMMING PUPPY."  

xx Jacqui [ DEMKIW | Founder & Creative  x The DEMKIW BOUTIQUE ]



[at CHECK OUT, after you click on 14 day free trial tab]

**This will give you access to their normal 14 days free trial plus a further free month trial of access (normally $30 per month) therefore 6 weeks in total of on-demand classes and at home support during these times.

**You will need to add a credit card for after the 6 weeks but you can cancel at any time & have access to over 300 of their On-Demand classes. The HUMMING PUPPY website has more info. 

CLICK here to access HUMMING PUPPY Yoga 6 Week Trial NOW.


A yoga experience evolved from traditional practices that resonates with a perfect hum. More than just the physical practice of yoga we support you throughout your practice and encourage you to leave the outside world behind and immerse yourself in good vibes.

We have a variety of classes that explore the many aspects of yoga via our On-Demand platform. This allows you to practice with us from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home. They have physical spaces located in Melbourne, Sydney & New York.